I've heard many people say you don’t have to love your work; work is just meant to be work. They are the ones who live by and tell others to “go to work, earn a paycheck, and pay your bills.” We beg to differ. Every human being is wired in a different and unique way, and this uniqueness should guide their career choice.

"You are how you are for why you are. Uncover your how, and you will figure out your why."

At Talent Revolution we believe that putting your talents to work is the key to success and fulfillment at work. This is your gift to the world.

When you work in your talent zone:

  • You are more productive.
  • You learn faster.
  • You are more innovative.


Our Vision

We want to see young professionals around the world using their talents to give their best work.

Our Mission

To inspire and equip young professionals around the world to pursue a purpose-filled and passion-fueled career.

Why is this important?

We believe that we were born with a purpose, and the talents needed to fulfill it. We are how we are because of why we are. A life of fulfillment and satisfaction comes from doing what we were born to do.

Studies have shown that less that less than 28% of our working adults enjoy what they do, and are not fulfilled. We intend to change this.

What are We Trying To Achieve?

A global movement of young professionals making a difference in their world by using their talents in a fulfilling career.



Talent Resources

DNA of Talent
A Blueprint for Discovering Your Talents and Putting Them to Work

Finding Your Sweet Spot
Where your Talents, Interests and Passions converge to deliver the life you were born to live.