The Passion Deception

I believe we should pursue our dreams tenaciously. But, there are some dreams that are unrealistic or just plain stupid to pursue. While watching the X factor a few nights ago with my wife Lucy, I was surprised that some of these people were allowed to audition in front of the judges. Some of the judges responses were unnecessarily rude, but there are times I also wish I could say to the person auditioning, "what is the matter with you?" A lot of the cocky ones who think they deserve to win, and then get upset when the judges say NO, seem to be living in a parallel world. They are passionate about singing, but they can't sing.

What do you do when you are passionate about something but do not have the talent for it?

Simple. Make it a hobby. What? Yes, make it a hobby. It'd be acceptable if a number of those auditioning stayed with singing as a hobby, and did not try to pursue a career. No one would insult them, they would not waste hours waiting in line to be insulted, and best of all, they can focus on an area of life in which they are really talented. Yes, they too have their talents. It's just not in singing.

Passion is a strong driver, and we must not let it drive us without reason. T make the best use of our passion, we must channel that energy into an endeavor for which we are naturally talented. Here, though we may start out average, we quickly advance with practice. We get better quickly, and it is obvious to everyone that this is an area of strength.

How some of the folks auditioning are treated is a picture of what life can be when we pursue a career for which we have no talent. People laugh at us. Unless we are talented comics and make a living doing this, why should we give anyone multiple reasons to mock us? No. Don't let passion fool you into believing R. Kelly's song, you can't fly, no matter how much you believe. It may sound good and inspiring, but life does not work that way. Maybe my next blog post should be about writing songs that are based on reality.

Frustration also sets in when you passionately pursue something for which you have no talent. This is because no matter, how hard you work, you can't develop to the point where you will ever be considered as very good. Kick back and enjoy being a very good golfer, a good singer, a good chess player, etc.

Some, myself included, ask why friends or parents don't tell these folks the truth. Well, sometimes it is because they stated the lie it he first place, and it has gone on for so long that they can't imagine telling their child or friend the truth. So what do they do? They encourage them all the way I their folly. On last nights show, there were these two sisters; one was there to audition, and the other was there to support her. They had egos as big as Texas. Wait, they were in Texas. The supporting sister was enraptured in her sisters singing as we watched and wondered why she bothered coming. The judges quickly dismissed her. They walked out wondering what happened. I wonder if they'll be back next season.

Like John Maxwell says, "stay in your strength (or talent) zone, but leave your comfort zone." Don't  let passion fool you into pursuing unrealistic dreams.



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