"You gotta know when to hold me, and you gotta know when to fold em." This famous line from Kenny Rogers song The Gambler (I may be dating myself here) rings with a lot of wisdom. As shocked as you may be to hear this, it is sometimes ok to quit. Yes, I said it; QUIT. But, but, but, you said that winners never quit and quitter never win. Yes, I agree. But, it's ok to QUIT. Sometimes. Let me explain.

Visionary, futuristic, dreamer, etc., words that have been used to describe those whose ideas and words shaped the course of history be it in business, politics, education or other. These people seem to have their minds squarely fixed on what tomorrow can and should look like. And we need them.

The downside of this though is that life requires engagement and active participation in the present. Being fully present in the present takes more attention and energy than most people understand. To truly enjoy the present, you must fully be present. To realize the dreams of tomorrow, you must work in the present. Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow but attend to the issues of today (my interpretation;) today has its fair share of distractions and if you follow along their path, the dreamed of tomorrow becomes an illusion, an unrealized dream.

"Whosoever delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god." ~ Sir Francis Bacon

"Solitude." If your insides churned at reading that word, you are like most people. Yes, the human being was created with an innate desire for interaction. In fact, life as we know it would not be possible if we had no interaction with others. Procreation is made possible by interaction. That said, there is still a place for solitude; in fact, there is enormous power in being able to master solitude.

For most, being alone is a source of great discomfort as it gives an opportunity for unwanted thoughts, hurts and feelings to invade the mind. It is not being alone that is the problem for most, but the mental effects of being alone. Most choose to overcome this by engaging in mind-numbing activities like watching TV, drugs, interacting with any friends on the internet, or something else that shuts out the mental invaders. What a lost opportunity.

A little boy was playing outside in the garden when he saw  young butterfly struggling out of its chrysalis. The boy thought he'd help it get out faster if he just cut the dry cocoon. Once he sliced the cocoon open, the butterfly dropped to the ground. The little boy happy at the good deed he had done knelt down to watch the butterfly stretch its wings and take its first flight.

He waited. And waited. And waited some more. He prodded and encouraged the butterfly as it tried to flap its wings. After many futile attempts, the butterfly died. It never got to fulfill its purpose. The boy was sad at first and then angry at himself. He thought the butterfly had struggled too long to get out of its cocoon, and he the little boy, did not get there on time to save it.

How much does money affect your happiness? Stop and think before you answer this. If you say that money does not affect your happiness, I suggest you seek therapy. But the I question asked is, "how much does money affect happiness?" I mean, really affect happiness. It is important to understand this.

Money does influence our happiness to an extent. If you have no money, or cannot meet your basic needs, a move to an income level which affords your needs to be met will have a significant effect on your happiness. Their is something important about our basic needs being met without stress. When you can put a roof over your head, clothe and feed your family, give them an opportunity for a good education, that will make you happy. But it won't fill the happiness bucket.

The forecast was bad, a thunderstorm was moving in fast and would dump rain and snow on many parts of the country. We had a 1pm flight to New York, and boy was it raining when we left the house. My only concern was that they not cancel the flight.

The weather was lousy like they predicted, but the check in process and a slight  take off delay did not make things worse. 30 minutes after we were originally meant to take off, our 757-200 was airborne. It was still raining. Now my mind was on how cold and wet it would be in New York. The ascent was bumpy, and the clouds were thick and grey. At about 20,000 feet, something amazing happened (no, I didn't see a UFO;) the sun came out. Ahh the feeling of calm and comfort. All of a sudden, New York didn't not seem like it would be wet and cold anymore.

I spent close to two years writing my first book. When it was done, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking the hardest part was over. I was wrong. I still had to market the book; that's when I realized that writing was the easy part. One good piece of advice I got when I started down the author/speaker path was that to succeed, I have to treat writing as a business. Good thing I'd owned a few small businesses in the past. This was not going to be easy.


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