Engage your Millennial employees faster, and increase their productivity at your organization.

For HR Directors, Learning & Development and all those responsible for on-boarding new college hires. The "Put Your Talents To Work (NHEP)" program equips your young adult (Millennials) hires with tools to ensure they plug into the right team doing work they will love.

  • Use an in-depth assessment to discover natural abilities
  • Understand how best to use these abilities in the right environment
  • Learn how to create a Value Proposition Statement
  • Choose most appropriate teams for maximum productivity
  • Understand how to map a career path using your abilities
  • Use abilities to determine what skills and professional development are critical for your success

Those tasked with bringing on new college hires have to contend with the fact that Millennials are today less likely to remain with any organization for a long time. Most will switch careers 3-5 times in 3 years. The real cause of this situation is that most young adults don’t know what they can do best and as such are searching while working. They jump from company to company because they are still searching.

The Put Your Talents To Work (NHEP) Program will help you help your Millennial employees find their work sweet spot faster, and increase their longer term engagement at work.  This can be offered as part of a new hire program or as a stand-alone program for group of 5 people up to 50 participants.

Program Format:


Webinar to introduce the Highlands Abilities Battery (1 hour)
• Schedule group workshop with debrief
• Email assessment link to all participants
• Participants will have 2 weeks to finish the Highlands Ability Battery
• Workshop with HAB debrief and how to plan career using info (Full day workshop)



COST: From $6500 (final cost determined by total number of participants)