Are you in your 30's, and ready to find the career you'll love and at which you will excel?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your current job, and not sure what career to pursue?
  • Have you changed jobs and careers multiple times and still feel you haven’t found the right one?
  • Do you like your current organization and want to find the right job for you in it?
  • Are you reentering the job market and need help choosing the best path?
  • Do you yearn for a job that excites you every day? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, this *6-session webinar is for you. You will learn the three core elements required to find the right career path for you. You will discover…

  • your natural abilities; talents, personality and thinking pattern,
  • the ideal work type and work environment for you,
  • and how you uniquely add value to an organization.

FACT: What you earn is based on the value you bring to an organization. When you know your strengths and where you flourish, you’ll know how to give your best at work.

* Each session is 1 hour long every Friday, for six weeks. First session will last 2 hours.


STEP 1: Take the Highlands Abilities assessment online.

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a human assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities by asking you to perform specific tasks or exercises. The HAB is the foundation and starting point to identify the career best suited for you. The HAB is unique in that it measures your abilities based on performance rather than perception. The Highlands Ability Battery is made up of 19 time-based work samples. The timing aspect is how we separate a talent from a skills. Each work sample takes between 4 – 7 minutes, and complete assessment takes about 3.5 hours. You do not have to complete the assessment in one seating, but must complete each work sample once you begin.

**You must complete your assessment before you join the workshop. Registration for each class will close a week before start date.
**The link to the assessment will be emailed to you within 24 hours of registration.

View Sample Assessment Reports

Adult Report Sample
• Adult Career Report Sample

STEP 2: Online Group Assessment Debrief – 2 hours

The first session is a 2-hour online debrief of the assessment. This is where I help you understand what your results mean. This sets the foundation for the remaining sessions.

STEP 3: Five 1-Hour Online Group Sessions

We will meet for 1 hour every Friday, for 6 weeks. Over this period, you will learn more about your talents, your skills, interests etc, and how they all work together to make you unique, and how to use them to discover the right career path.


  • Week 1: Talent/Ability Assessment debrief
  • Week 2: Interest Discovery Session
  • Week 3: Explore Best Work Type and Skills Inventory
  • Week 4: Define Ideal Work Environment
  • Week 5: Identify and Create Your Value Proposition statement
  • Week 6: Identify and Explore Right Career Fit Options

**Course participants will be expected to work through all assignments given.


A March 2nd – April 6th 1–3PM EST 2–3PM EST
B March 30th – May 4th 11AM - 1PM EST 11AM – 12PM EST
C April 27th – June 1st 1–3PM EST 2–3PM EST
D May 25th – June 27th 11AM - 1PM EST 11AM – 12PM EST
E June 22nd – July 27th 1–3PM EST 2–3PM EST
F July 20th – August 24th 11AM - 1PM EST 11AM – 12PM EST
G September 7th – October 12th 1–3PM EST 2–3PM EST
H October 5th – November 9th 11AM - 1PM EST 11AM – 12PM EST


**Sessions are an hour long and will be held every Friday for six weeks. Times stated are in Eastern Standard Time. Schedule and timing for each group will be sent to participants after registration. You can sign up for ONLY one class.

Put Your Talent to Work Webinar:

6 Week Workshop



Talent/Ability Assessment - PREWORK
Interest assessment- PREWORK
Current role/career review- PREWORK
Talent Sparks Reflection (childhood/family) - PREWORK
Assessment Report Interpretation (very important)
• Best work type discovery 
• Ideal work environment discovery
Current Skills assessment
Right Career Fit options
Personal Values Identification
Create Value Proposition statement




If you’re looking for support and guidance to help you further develop in your career, I highly recommend this workshop. Kene helped me understand where my core strengths and natural abilities lie and how to ensure I not only utilize them in my day-to-day work, but build a career plan around them.


Director, Compliance and Corporate Services

The Talent Revolution process really impacted my life. Even though I have experienced success in my business management role, my ability to help and interact with people at a deeper level still craved expression at work. The talent-inventory process awakened this reality in me! This was the catalyst for me to take action for a career change. I wanted my business success to blend with my passion for people.


Program Manager

I was so ready for a job transition at the time I went through the workshop, and the material covered gave me a new perspective on my career life/goals. I just wasn't excited or passionate about my job anymore. I used to think my lack of passion was caused by my work environment. This workshop helped me realize it was the job itself that was not fulfilling. I am glad I encountered this workshop at such a pivotal stage in my life. I have used what I learned to find the right job for my talents.


Auto Expert

I have been exposed to many approaches to career development in the past several years, but this is without a doubt the most unique approach yet. It is a one stop approach that captured all of who I am as an individual versus just what I am paid to do from 9 to 5pm on the job.  It was insightful, encouraging and enjoyable. I look forward to updating you on my progress as I implement the things I learned in the workshop.


Admin Manager

Thank you for your outstanding presentation as part of our annual Leadership Conclave!  The students found your presentation to be well-structured and easy to follow. The information you presented on developing and identifying your leadership style was well-received and informative.  They appreciated your enthusiasm and the vivid stories you shared of leadership.  We hope to have you back on campus again in the future. 

Kristina Mickel Clement, Associate Director for Leadership Development
Georgia State University

With a powerful commitment to make a difference in the lives of all the students present, Mr. Iloenyosi spoke about his life and was able to communicate to the students what was possible for them. By the end of his presentation, students were applauding and excited about what Mr. Iloenyosi had to say and the impact he had on their lives. Students were able to come away from listening to Mr. Iloenyosi with a brighter look on their future and the knowledge that they truly can have they want for their lives. I am grateful that the students at had the opportunity to hear Mr. Iloenyosi speak.

Dionne Johnigan, Dekalb County Board of Education, Region 10
Future Business Leaders of America

Kene displays an excellent ability to educate others on how to speak from within comfortably, while teaching you how to get your message across.  He makes the entire room feel at ease about public speaking and stresses the importance of confidence.

Danielle Janssen, LIFE Movement Coordinator & Assistant to the President
Life University